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November 15

Women’s Leadership Panel – Celebrating 5 Years of #Ladybosses

On Thursday, November 3, over 400 women and men gathered at The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis for the 5th Annual Women’s Leadership Panel to discuss important issues facing Twin Cities females in their careers and throughout their lives. Moderated by the fabulous Emily McAuliffe, these women touched on topics ranging everywhere from diversity in the workplace to what they believe their superpowers are.

This year’s #ladybosses included:

Dara Beevas | Co-Founder & Chief Strategic Officer at Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Maija Hoehn | Vice President & Director of Engagement at broadhead

Liz Ross | President & CEO at Periscope

Alex Steinman | Communications Director at Fallon

Amy Van Ert | Vice President & Group Creative Director at The Lacek Group



After some mingling over wine and hors d’oeuvres, the conversation began, working to inspire, unify, and motivate the women of the Twin Cities ad industry. Summing up the whole panel would be nearly impossible, but we did pick out some of our favorite tidbits from the night.

On Leadership:

“There’s something good about being comfortable being uncomfortable.” -Maija

“It’s important to talk about the failures as much as the successes.” –Liz

“As a leader, you can lead without managing people. You can lead by making those around you smarter” –Maija

On Passion:

“You don’t have to tell people how good you are; it will come out naturally. Be good at what you are. Find it and embrace it.” -Amy

“Am I going to do something I don’t feel passionate about or am I going to grab life by the ovaries and do what I love?” -Dara

On Diversity:

“The rise of ‘me’ is not at the demise of ‘we’.” –Alex

“Let’s work on creating an environment in which everyone fits.” –Alex

On Taking Risks:

“Jump into the deep end of opportunities” –Dara

“There’s so much more to lose by not taking the risk.” -Alex

“Being willing to take risks is what defines a leader most.” –Liz

“How you come out of your failure is the reflection on you, not the failure itself.” -Alex

Want to hear more? Check out #AD2WLP on twitter to join the conversation and stay tuned for more information about our recording of the night available to members, thanks to OOHA-Wilkins Media.

Until next year, fellow #ladybosses!


Written by: Taylor Burke