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January 4

The Minnies will award innovation in media – Thursday, January 17th

By Ali Broback, The Minnies Co-Chair and Ad Fed Board Member.

When I was first recruited to be on the Ad Fed Board in 2011, we had great programming. There were monthly breakfasts along with the signature ‘big’ events. But as an out-of-home ad sales person, there weren’t any events that *really* spoke to me … helped me to be a better sales person or even really talked about media at all. So in 2015, I created the Media Panel, which brought together five of the top media executives in the Twin Cities for a Q&A discussion. Media departments and vendors showed up in droves and thanked me for bringing them an event where they could actually learn something that helped them in both their daily lives and career path. But even though it was a success (despite back to back years of blizzards), I wanted to see it evolve. Ad Fed’s current president, Alex Denholm, came to me with an idea – what if we turned it into an evening awards event showcasing the great media plans coming out of both agencies and clients-direct right here in Minnesota. With the help of one of my favorite media gurus, Michelle Benson, The Minnies was born.

The Minnies will award innovation in media. We tapped six judges from around the country to study the submissions, score them, and make their call on innovative campaigns. AND there will be a People’s Choice Award decided by event goers the night of! Vote for your favorite and take part in the inaugural year of this new signature Ad Fed event.

Someone once told me that Minnesota has more ad agencies per capita than any other state. This little ad hub that we call home is putting out media plans that are top notch and we’re all so excited to see them showcased and celebrated on January 17th.

Michelle Benson and Ali Broback.


Please visit The Minnies for more information on the awards, the judges, the finalists, and the event.