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September 15

Summer Winds Down, Ad Fed Winds Up

It has taken me 7 years living in Minneapolis to truly feel the end of summer approaching with the onset of the Big Minnesota get together. The upbeat radio spots for the fair and long traffic jams down Snelling Avenue are quickly followed by dustings of cool air and changing leaves. Family cabins, vacations, and camping trips subside. Trading in packing your favorite beach towel with packing lunches for the first days back at school. Not for Ad Fed Minneapolis however. The 100 year old Advertising Trade Organization typically has a quiet summer, planning the start of the new programming year and collaborating with its executive director and board of directors. A calendar packed with meet and greets, happy hours, industry leading speakers, and awarding some of the best advertising work at the annual award ceremony, “The Show.”

As important as planning your route to hit the best food stands at the state fair, Ad Fed has recommitted itself to celebrating not only great work we do here in Minneapolis/St. Paul, but those who do it. This year, Ad Fed has married their Season Kickoff event “Brief but Brilliant Speaker Series” with the presentation of the Silver Medal Award and Paul Foss Award. It feels right to kick the event season off with a great program showcasing talented speakers and salute two very important people in our advertising community.

The Silver Medal award was established in 1959 to recognize folks who have made outstanding contributions to the advertising community and further the industries standards and excellence. We are excited to announce that Sue Kruskopf of Kruskopf and Co. will be receiving this year’s award. Sue from all accounts, has been a pillar in the ad community starting with her early day’s at large agencies before branching off on her own in 1988. The philosophy the agency was founded on—cutting through the BS and getting to the truths about clients brands—has proven to be even more important today in our digitally connected world where brands are more transparent than ever. Truth is also an important part of the no BS culture Sue fosters at the agency every day. A creative person at heart, she has set high standards for everyone at KC to deliver smart, bold strategies and ideas.  There were some really talented nominees from this year’s submissions and the Silver Medal committee want to thank and congratulate Sue on receiving this year’s award for all the work she has done.   

We are also excited to share that Erin Schwind has been chosen as this year’s recipient of the Paul Foss award. The award is given to a member of the Advertising Federation of Minnesota (Ad Fed & Ad 2) who has made outstanding contributions to the organization. Erin has been instrumental in to the organization in particular leading most of the behind the scenes work for “The Show.” She has the process for the organization running like a well-oiled machine. If pledging time to Ad Fed’s biggest event isn’t work enough, Erin runs her own full-service photography production company, Code Creative Services.

The summer is ending, and while cold air hasn’t seem to set in with today being a high of 90,  I’m fairly certain a gentleman down the block in my neighborhood has his Halloween decorations up. We sincerely hope you will join us on Thursday, September 21st for the libations, learn something, and say a big thanks to our two award recipients. Join us in raising a glass, a mug, or whatever you are currently holding and giving cheers to Sue Kruskopf and Erin Schwind.

-Paul Kolodge

President (2016/17 Ad Fed Past President)

The season kickoff/Silver Medal Ceremony event will be held at ICF Olson in the North Loop on Thursday, September 21st with registration beginning at 5:30pm. You can register for the event at http://www.adfed.org/events/season-kick-off-silver-medal-presentation.


2017 Silver Medal Recipient Sue Kruskopf of KC Truth

2017 Paul Foss Award Recipient Erin Schwind of Code Creative Services