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May 19

Somewhere I Needed to Be

I was asked to share a few thoughts on Ad Fed and Ad 2 as I will be leaving our stellar advertising community this summer when our family moves to Colorado.  While brewing a morning pot of coffee, I saw this quote in The Economist, Espresso and it stuck with me as I sat down to capture my thoughts. “I rarely end up where I was intending to go, but often I end up somewhere I needed to be.” Douglas Adams.

Kathy Buggy – Ad Fed Executive Director


During this chapter of our history, it has been a joy and honor to be Ad Fed’s Executive Director.  Even through the challenges, I was surrounded by caring, smart, and encouraging people from all types of backgrounds and parts of our industry community.   The ride has been exhilarating, demanding, humbling, fun, and enlightening.

For nearly 115 years, Ad Fed has been making a positive impact on our advertising and marketing communications community. From its original mandate that focused on truth in advertising to today’s fast paced tech savvy ad world, I observe that Ad Fed/Ad 2:

  • Celebrates great work that builds brands and makes a difference.
  • Builds bridges, connections, opportunities, and friendships.
  • Recognizes individuals striving to do good in the ad world and our community.
  • Creates thoughtful and informative programs that drives excellence and creativity.
  • Strengthens the Minnesota and Minneapolis economy.
  • Analyzes what we do, how well we do, and how to improve.
  • Hosts some crazy fun, bold, and over-the-top events that keep us engaged.

I smile at that last point remembering programs and events that were educational and were SO much fun.  Our success has been at the commitment of time, energy, talent and resources of our Board of Directors of Ad Fed and Ad 2 over the years.  Your leadership served as a catalyst to engage the help and participation of agencies, companies, and those in the support industries.

As Ad Fed and Ad 2 continue to evolve, here are a few thoughts or challenges I ask you to consider:

  • To ask yourself and others in your agency/company what it means to belong. Not to just include others in the experience or work, but to walk in their shoes and look at belonging through their eyes.
  • To not forget you are part of something bigger. You can make a positive difference in small tasks and larger endeavors.  You never know who will be impacted by your good work.
  • Be grateful.
  • Use your gifts…not the ones you see in others. But your unique gifts.
  • Work to expand the variety of voices, ideas, and talents. We are stronger and smarter when more people of all backgrounds are at the table.
  • Let down your guard. Have the courage to be vulnerable. You will be surprised at where it will lead you and who will come into your path.
  • Be curious and open to learning, friendships, and adventures.
  • Accept grace and help from others.
  • Give grace and help to others …what you give comes back in folds.
  • Don’t take yourself so seriously or try to be perfect. Be you, do solid “A” work, and have FUN along the way.

Our family is now preparing to head to Colorado, Tim is transferring to his company’s Denver office and Declan will be attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins,  studying bio-med/mechanical engineering.   As for me…I am sure there is an adventure waiting around the corner or over a mountain.  No matter where I end up, as the quote states, “I will end up somewhere I needed to be”.

I highly encourage you to get involved in Ad Fed or Ad 2 whether on a committee or a board position.  Check out our  events, boards, and the Executive Director position.

Some fun memories.