Silver Medal Award

The American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) Silver Medal Award Program was established in 1959 to recognize men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence, and responsibility in areas of social concern.

Congratulations Mike Lescarbeau for being named the 2018 Silver Medal Recipient!

Mike Lescarbeau worked as an advertising copywriter and chief creative officer in Minneapolis, Boston, London and New York prior to becoming chief executive officer at Carmichael Lynch.  He retired from advertising in April 2018 and has gone on to form Person.

Lescarbeau’s work as CEO of Carmichael Lynch resulted in an unprecedented level of cooperation between business units, allowing Carmichael Lynch to bring an entirely new level of integration to its clients and prospects. During Lescarbeau’s tenure, the percentage of women in management at Carmichael Lynch more than doubled, and the percentage of people of color in management more than tripled. He cites these developments as a primary reason the fifty-three year-old company experienced double-digit growth in his last three years at the agency.

He has served for extended terms on the boards of two non-profit groups that promote inclusion in advertising agencies, and made Carmichael Lynch the administrative home for three organizations that cater to the educational needs of at-risk children.


The Silver Medal was awarded at the Silver Medal & Brief But Brilliant program on: Thursday, September 20th,


The Advertising Federation of Minnesota and the Better Business Bureau – working together for the past century.

Beginning in 1910, advertising trade magazine Printers’ Ink awarded the Printers’ Ink Cup to the local advertising club “which has made the most practical use of its opportunities during one year,” stipulating that any club winning the Cup three times would keep it permanently. In 1912, the Minneapolis Advertising Forum (Ad Fed) formed a “Vigilance Committee” now recognized as the nation’s first Better Business Bureau, establishing itself as a leader in the fight against deceptive advertising. On the strength of its vigilance work, the Minneapolis Advertising Forum won the Printers’ Ink Cup in 1915, 1916, and 1917, and the Cup has resided in Minnesota ever since. When Ad Fed began presenting its Silver Medal Award in 1960, the Cup represented a place to inscribe the names of winners each year and an important link to Ad Fed’s early history. Today the Printers’ Ink Cup is displayed proudly at the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota, “The First BBB,” where it stands as a symbol of BBB’s history and its continued commitment to an ethical marketplace. Once a year, the Cup is brought out of its display case for Ad Fed’s Silver Medal Award ceremony, in recognition of the achievements of award winners and in celebration of the unique, shared history between Ad Fed and BBB.

                     Silver Medallion

Silver Medal Recipients

(company/agency at time of award)

Mike Lescarbeau – 2018, Person, formerly at Carmichael Lynch

Sue Kruskopf – 2017, Kruskopf & Company (KC)

Greg Kurowski – 2016, Periscope

Chuck Ruhr –  2015, Chuck Ruhr Advertising

Nancy Rice – 2013, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, was a Co-Founder of Fallon McElligott Rice

Lili Hall – 2012, KNOCK, Inc

Lynne Robertson – 2011, FAME Retail

Joe Duffy – 2010, Duffy

Bob Barrie – 2008. Barrie D’Rozario DiLorenzo

John Olson – 2007, OLSON

Earl Herzog – 2006, Campbell Mithun

Jack Supple – 2005, Pocket Hercules

Tom Whelan – 2004, Nemer Fieger

Sue Crolick – 2003, Founder of Art Buddies

Charlie Hoag – 2002, Star Tribune

Bob Thacker – 2001, Target

Howard Liszt – 2000, Campbell-Mithun

Tom Weyl – 1999, Martin Williams

Ron Graham – 1998, Better Business Bureau

Stephen Bergerson – 1997, Fredrikson & Byron

Dean Buresh – 1996, Bozell

Steve Goldstein – 1994, University of Minnesota Foundation

Father James Whalen – 1993, University of St. Thomas

Pat Fallon – 1992, Fallon

Dale Haworth – 1991, Haworth Media

David Floren – 1990, Martin Williams

Norma Cox – 1989, American Public Media

Lee Lynch – 1988, Carmichael Lynch 

John Pellegrene – 1987, Target

Tom McElligott – 1986, Fallon, McEliigott Rice

Ron Anderson – 1985, Bozell

Jack Mark – 1984, Minnegasco

Al Whitman – 1983, Campbell Mithun

Steve Griak – 1982, Wilson Griak

Stanley E. Hubbard – 1981, Hubbard Broadcasting

Dr. Willard Thompson – 1980, University of Minnesota

George Alarik – 1979, BBDO

Richard Wilson – 1978, Wilson Griak

Sherman Headley – 1977, WCCO TV

Al Clague – 1975, BBDO

Gordon Malen – 1974, First National Bank of Minneapolis

Herbert Willis – 1973, Willis & Borg

Paul Foss – 1972. Foss Printing and Lithography

Otto Silha – 1971, Star Tribune

Ken Oelschlager – 1970, Kerker and Associates

Roy Larson – 1969, TIME, Inc.

Fran Kiewel – 1968, Grain Belt Breweries

F. Van Konynenburg – 1967, WCCO Radio and TV

Felton Colwell – 1966, Colwell Press

James Fish – 1965, General Mills

John Cornelius – 1964, BBDO

Ward Olmsted – 1963, Olmsted & Foley

Herb Bissell – 1962, Honeywell

Raymond Mithun – 1961, Campbell Mithun

Samuel Gale – 1960, General Mills