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November 19

Meg Lewis – Women’s Leadership Panel Breakout Session Leader – Full Time You: The Workshop

Meg Lewis is a designer creating experiences for happy companies and a one-on-one educator creating happier lives for humans of all kinds. Meg is the founder of Ghostly Ferns, a collective of designers & commercial artists and is the co-founder of Fool Proof, a shared workspace, podcast, and a whole lot more. Earlier this year Meg launched Full Time You, a self-discovery workbook and comedy video series where she teaches you to find a dang purpose and design a career made just for you.

Session title:

Full Time You – The Workshop

Session description:

Find your purpose and design a dream job made just for you! There’s no one like you on this planet, so why have a career like anyone else? Traditional career paths don’t work for everyone. What if there was a new path that was paved just for you? Let’s ditch the separation of work/life and embrace a new life where you get paid to be yourself! Champion your authentic self to grow your life and your career as a creative!

In this fun, interactive workshop we’ll cut deep into your squishy core and find what makes you, you! Grab your metaphorical lantern and head into the depths of your true self as we create an actionable plan for your future life and career.

In this workshop you’ll

  • Identify the qualities that make you unique and translate them to a career only you can have
  • Define a life’s purpose that will drive your career and personal decisions
  • Create social media and relationship guidelines that help fulfill your purpose and advance your career