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November 9

Mariana Quiroga – Women’s Leadership Panelist

Mariana Quiroga 

Founder, Chief Strategist of MariEQ LLC


Q: What is your advice to young women beginning their career?

A: Seek a lot of mentors – a personal “Board of Directors” and choose people who will have honest conversations with you


Who is Mariana?

  • Dad says I am a creative mind, always cooking new things (literally and figuratively), making pun jokes and finding new ways to entertain my friends. He does not know the puns are taken from deep Reddit threads.
  • Husband says I am the best travel companion and scuba diver buddy he has, especially because I can’t sing when I’m diving, or in a plane.
  • Mom thinks I should lose weight. She may be the reason behind it.


Please join us at this year’s Women’s Leadership Panel Wednesday, November 28th.