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November 9

Marcia Miller – Women’s Leadership Panelist


Marcia Miller

President at StoneArch Creative


Q: What is your advice to young women beginning their career?

A: Stay authentic to your true self. Know you were hired for a specific reason and speak up!


Who is Marcia?

Marcia brings more than 30 years of marketing experience to StoneArch, ranging from start-up brands to Fortune 10 companies. She’s spent the last 12 years committed to the healthcare industry. Before joining the agency, she was Senior VP of Corporate Marketing at Optum, a technology-based health services company owned by UnitedHealth Group. Prior to that, she’s held senior positions at UnitedHealthcare and a disruptive start-up health company called Carol.com. Marcia’s expertise and proven leadership in the healthcare and agency space are grounded in a results-oriented style that help both companies and teams reach their full potential.


Please join us at this year’s Women’s Leadership Panel Wednesday, November 28th.