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July 12

Leaders with Thoughts: Periscope + Trolli

Leaders with Thoughts

Breaking down the work of the Best Of winners at

Ad Fed MN’s The Show 2019.

Periscope, the idea machine in Trolli’s weirdly awesome world, was awarded Best of Show for their Life-Sized Sour Brite Sneaks campaign. This was the fourth visit in six months to their Washington Ave shop to dissect award-winning work — JC Penney, Basilica Block Party, and now-Periscope designer Jenessa Vack ‘s Best Of Student Don Julio Tequila integrated campaign, previously.

Their simple mission: Do things people love.

People loved a lot of things about this mashup of candy and fashion. Giant gummy shoes are a sticky idea, indeed.

The Campaign’s Creds
Best of Show
Card, Invitation or Announcement – Gold
Gold and Silver ADDYs for Best Art Direction and Social Media
thoughts from
Dustin Joyce, Creative DirectorPeriscope Trolli
The client Trolli (Ferrera Candy Co.)

Since 2013, Periscope has been creating unexpected ways to make Trolli culturally relevant to Gen-Z and Millennials. Industry goliaths like Haribo and Sour Patch dominate the market with massive budgets. Sales teams duke it out behind the scenes for premium shelf spaces and bold brand blocks. Trolli thrives through inventive product innovations, like-minded partnerships and above all culturally relevant and shareable content. 

As the collaborative partner of past Periscope/Trolli innovations like Sour Brite Sloths and Weird Beards, 7-Eleven had proven to be the perfect retailer for exclusive distribution. But in 2018, it was time to raise the bar. Trolli needed to prove it wasn’t just a reactor to Gen-Z culture, but a creator of it.


With their sights set on cultural relevance amongst Gen-Z, it was a natural fit to start with the celebrity athlete firepower of James Harden, NBA All-Star and a longtime Trolli partner. James had just announced the launch of his second Adidas shoe and was in the hunt for what would ultimately become his MVP season. The catch, James was in the midst of the season and unavailable to be the focal point of any content. This challenge revealed the opportunity to create a product around his new sneakers. They were exclusive, collectible and most importantly the perfect cultural fit a fast-growing Gen-Z audience known as “sneakerheads.”


It began with product ideation. They were determined to create a left and right shoe in various colorways replicating the real Adidas designs because with this audience, authenticity is everything. Through many rounds of R&D, they finally created the perfect replica sneaks and moved into packaging and point of sale.Trolli Periscope

That’s when the big idea revealed itself. They realized the more they presented everything as a legitimate sneaker drop, the more Weirdly Awesome it would become. Collaborations with Adidas, Stock X, NBA All-Star Weekend, and an elite group of YouTube and Instagram sneakerheads would help us drop Sour Brite Sneaks in the same feeds as the latest Boosts, Yeezys and Jordans.


NBA All-Star Weekend served as phase one of the initial public “leak” of the new sneakers. Street teams handed out more than 3,000 miniature shoe boxes containing a single left and right gummi sneaker touting the launch date of the real product. Next, their Instagram Influencers @johnnyskicks, @215shooter, @dennistodisco, @outfitgrid, and @oldmanalan revealed leaked photos while YouTube unboxers Jacques Slade and Brad Hall revealed the mysterious new James Harden x Adidas sneaker to their massive social followings.


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It was then time for phase two, to hype the drop by creating a life-sized pair of gummi sneakers perfectly modeled after the real Adidas Harden Vol. 2. To gain awareness and excitement, Periscope put them up for sale on Stock X, the world’s leading aftermarket sneaker retailer. Lastly, the phase three drop happened with 7-Eleven-exclusive placements and a digital activation using Instagram’s newest remix function to allow Trolli, Harden and Adidas fans to customize their own digital Sour Brite Sneaks.


The campaign garnered 948MM media impressions.

Sour Brite Sneaks became the top-selling non-chocolate product at 7-Eleven and Sour Brite Sneaks were featured on the homepage of HYPEBEAST, proving Trolli was a legit participant in true sneakerhead culture.

The success of the launch contributed to Trolli reaching another YOY increase in dollar sales, up 4.4%, and its 60th straight month of growth.


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a content series breaking down the work of Best Of winners at Ad Fed MN’s The Show 2019.Leaders with Thoughts