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November 19

Julie Vessel – Women’s Leadership Panel Breakout Session Leader – The Art of Self Promotion

Session Description:

The art of self promotion.

There are two different types of people in this world – those who wait for opportunities to come to them and those who actively seek and connect to opportunities. But how can you promote yourself without coming off as a pompous, bragging jerk?  And frankly, how do people find the time to network and put themselves out there?

In this session we’ll talk about the importance of self-promotion. And importantly, we’ll discuss easy and powerful ways to stand out, get noticed and position yourself for the opportunities you most desire. From networking to LinkedIn, this session will offer strategies and tips to empower you to authentically and confidently promote yourself in order to attract the opportunities you most desire.

Julie Vessel Bio:

Julie Vessel is an Executive Career Coach and the Chief Talent Officer at MONO. Above all, her mission is to champion the power and potential of people.

Julie began her career in creatively-driven advertising agencies in account management. With equal parts inspiration and motivation, she led successful, award winning brand transformations, consumer product launches, and perception-changing campaigns for a range of national brands including: Nikon, Rolling Stone, Payless Shoes, E*Trade, NBC, MSNBC, Lucy Activewear, General Mills, Herman Miller, and Virgin.

Building her teams, developing their paths, and helping her Clients reach their goals is where her true passion has always been. This passion led Julie to switch paths mid-career towards talent development and career coaching. In 2012, she became a certified career coach and resolved to reinvent herself, and her career, from an expert in advertising and brand potential to an expert in development and human potential.

As Chief Talent Officer at MONO, she is responsible for building and leading an empowered, innovative, human-focused  talent experience. Julie has been instrumental in solidifying and guiding the values, culture and talent approach that has made MONO a nationally-recognized top place to work.

As an executive career coach, Julie’s had the privilege of helping hundreds of professionals embrace the power they have within, discover their career purpose and take ownership of their career. She speaks and writes on the topics of personal branding, career strategy, career purpose and leadership.

When Julie’s not at MONO or coaching, you can find her rooting for her kids’ basketball teams, enjoying a good glass of wine (or two) with her husband or on a walk with one of her favorite podcasts.