The Show – Call for Entries. Show us what you got and enter your work!

Enter your work at:


The absolute final deadline is Tuesday, February 5th at 5:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, February 5th at 6:00 pm, we need to open the judging portal to begin the review of the work.

Upon completion of your online entry, your hard copies and submission forms must be delivered to:

Foundry, ATTN: Ad Fed
100 South 5th Street, Suite 900
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Foundry is located in the Fifth Street Towers. Use the
elevator bank for the 100 Tower and go to 9th floor. Drop-off available M-F 10AM-4PM.

About The Show Judging Weekend:


This is where the magic happens.  We fly experts in from all over with the credentials to back up their claim to creative expertness. They then spend three back-to-back days immersed in the work, chin-stroking and single-eyebrow-arching as they deem select entries gold-worthy.

Printed pieces are laid out and organized by category.  Online entries are onscreen, also organized into tidy categories and putting out the “Pick me!” vibe.

The panel collectively agrees to answer only to the name “His or Her Judgeship” until the weekend is over and they have to go back to their regular Dave-ness or whatever they typically go by. (Though some like the new title so much, they choose to institute it back home.)

What happens to the Gold winners? Glad you asked. They’re automatically sent on to D8/Regionals at no additional cost. Silvers go too, but they do require an additional fee which is the entry fee and shipping.

Show us what you got and enter your work!


Enter The Show!
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