Ad Fed March Program: David Schwen – Going after what you love.

dschwen march program

David Schwen is the founder and creative director of Dschwen LLC. After working at agencies in Minneapolis for almost 10 years, he is now running his own creative studio. He has recently worked for brands such as Warby Parker, Toyota, Organic Valley as well as creating editorial works for TIME Magazine, Wired, Fast Company and Fortune Magazine. He always finds ways to stay fresh by creating his own personal projects on the side, which have regularly lead to client work. Growing up in northern Minnesota, Schwen has a strong midwestern work ethic; because when it’s so dang cold outside, why not just make something cool.

David spent the longest time trying not to get stuck in one way of designing and illustrating; so he ended up exploring lots of different mediums with his own personal projects. By experimenting he actually fell into a way of working that has defined the work that he makes today. In the process though, there was a lot of failing and figuring out things that didn’t work. This also applied to where he was working as well. He always had the desire to start up his own studio, so while working at different places he took note of the things that he liked and disliked. “It was a big risk to be on my own, but in the end I would have been cheating myself to not go after something that I loved”.

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March12th5:30 pm to 8:00 pm2015


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The 508 Restaurant & Bar
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