Nominations are now open for 32 Under 32.

Final submission deadline Tuesday, March 5th.

It’s that time of the year again to think about those people around you. The fighters. The rule breakers.
We’re surrounded in this industry by brilliant, shining stars who are leading and inspiring teams, project by project, barrier through barrier; this year, we’re looking for that unique cut above the rest, for those who rock inside and out of the workplace. We’re looking for those who are making an impact on their community, like mentoring the next generation, helping the homeless, or actively advocating for more diversity in leadership and the workplace. The ones that rock at their job and strive to make their communities stronger. We’re looking for the brightest of the stars, this year’s 32 under 32, the new originals.
Nominations are officially live so look around you, see someone that fits this description? Yes? Then, nominate them!
We’re built on what came before us. The fighters. The rule breakers. The original thinkers that made us Minneapolis and made us great. So who’s next? Help us celebrate the next generation of leaders who will drive us forward and redefine our future. The 32 Under 32.
The new originals.
Event details and nomination form at 32 Under 32.
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You know the type: the ones who break left when everyone else is going right, who step up when others stand down. This year’s 32 Under 32 Awards go to the creators and innovators redefining the Minnesota advertising, marketing and PR scene. They might be your favorite local mentor, side hustler, business bestie or all-around game changer, but they’ve all got one thing in common: they don’t just break the mold, they defy it.
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