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February 27

Backstage at The Show: Little & Company.

featuring the makers behind Ad Fed MN’s The Show. Get your shit together & join the crṻe on March 8.

Little & Company
We asked Creative Director Kris Lindquist some questions. We got some answers.
Turn it up.

Who the f*ck are you and why should we care?

Nobody really. A creative soul who eventually found his way after earning a degree in business marketing. You should care because I’m a nice guy and it’s an emotion that we could all benefit from flexing a little more in today’s self-absorbed culture.

Kris forgot to mention how modest he is. He’s actually The Show 2019’s creative lead.

How’s that for flexing?

Kris Lindquist. Creative Director. Little.

We know that design is everything.

How do you play nice with the other disciplines & keep the intention of the art at the forefront?

In my opinion, it’s less about “playing nice” and more about “accepting responsibility.” Design must be aware enough to accept the broader role of presenting and representing each and every discipline and serve as the champion and through-line of it all. Design cannot operate in isolation but must get out and mingle to both influence and be influenced by the others. And in doing so, convention shifts and we come to understand instead, that “everything is design.

It’s a bit like a tour guide. Good tour guides will establish a connection right from the start and introduce you to the notable (and non-notable) along the way. They don’t take credit for what you see or how it came to be, they simply lead you and give you the information to shape your own journey.

Good design is the same. When done well, it captivates you from the start and guides you to the right information in the right order, generating both a cerebral and emotional response that’s authentic and true, and ultimately leads to a memorable experience.

Words aside, you encounter something and just know…it’s for you.

Little & Company

Photo by Lauren Engfer of Pixova.

What projects are the most fulfilling?

The best projects combine creative opportunity with opportunistic clients. You’d think this is always the case, but it’s not. Opportunities are always presented with a bit of gloss or shine out of the gate, and it becomes very clear, very quickly, as to where the project is headed. Are there parameters of which we were unaware? Did the client fail to disclose details? Are we working with dreamers or folks that are just trying to check the box?

At Little, we like to say that “we design things people want, with people who want designed things.” In a word, DESIRE. That’s what it’s all about. And, when done right, plays out regardless of category or industry.

Food, “I want to eat that.”

Theater, “I want to experience that.”

Finance, “I want to work with that, or for that.”

Working with the Guthrie Theater over the past couple of years has been incredibly fulfilling. It’s been an honor and privilege to help transform a world-renowned theater into a venue that feels less daunting, more porous and more inclusive of the community it was built to serve. Design and branding were certainly a part of this, but it has influenced both experience and the breadth of production offerings as well. And, it’s been truly collaborative every step of the way…working with a core group of clients that acknowledge and appreciate our expertise but aren’t afraid to challenge or push us along the way.

How do you think the Twin Cities stack up creatively on a national level?

Logistically, we have the talent but get overlooked because corporate structures tend to be coastal and there is a perception that local relationships create efficiencies. Relationally, I think our ability to play nice is misconstrued as a weakness. We need to redefine what it means to be nice. Soft or less creative? No. Honest and ballsy? Yes. But done with respect so that the relationship is stronger and in a better place at the end of the day.

Why is Little the right partner for my brand?

Simple. We’re a smart collective of creative people who collaborate with clients from some of the world’s best brands to create things that people flat out desire.

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