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May 8

Ad Fed & Ad 2 Board of Directors – Applications open till May 27th

Whether you want to bring your leadership skills to a board position or you’re hoping to get more involved through a committee, we want to hear from you! Submit online applications by May 27.”

— Michelle Benson, 2019-2020 Ad Fed President


Board Application Site



A HUGE thank you to to our 2018-2019 Ad Fed & Ad 2 Board of Directors for all they did this past year to make this another successful and fun year at Ad Fed and Ad 2.

Executive Team:

Ad Fed President: Alex Denholm, Hunt Adkins

Ad Fed President Emeritus: Meredith Speier, InSpeier

Ad Fed VP: Michelle Benson, True Media

Ad Fed Treasurer: Jessica Birkholz, Media Bridge Advertising

Ad Fed Secretary: Taylor Witort, Schwan’s

Ad 2 President: Sarah Day, Capsule

Ad 2 President Emeritus: Gracie McKinstry Smith, Target

Ad 2 VP: Nicole Parrott-Wilson, Carmichael Lynch

Ad Fed Director: Kathy Buggy 


Ad Fed Board of Directors:

Miranda Soukup: The Show Chair, FRWD

Amy Jongerius: The Show Chair, Lurie, LLP

Courtney Thompson: Legislative Chair, Fredrikson & Byron

Steve Wallace: Sponsorship Chair, Alba Strategy

Tony Biel: Sponsorship Chair, Criterion Business Development

Joshua Kennedy: Sponsorship Chair, Snap Agency

Len Mitsch: Membership Chair, University of Minnesota

Stefan Hartman: Membership Chair, Sounding Weight Research, LLC

Rosalynn Verges: Programs Chair, Fabric

Chris Probst: Programs Chair, Cambria

Miles Marmo: Brand Chair & Incoming Ad Fed VP, Agency Squid

Christopher Spong: Digital Strategy Chair, Nina Hale

Anton Friant: Technology Chair, Periscope

Sarah Kearin: MarCom Chair, Hunt Adkins

Emma Dahlgren: Design Director, Hunt Adkins

Michelle Benson: Media Awards Chair, True Media

Ali Broback: Media Awards Chair, Intersection

Elliott Payne: Public Service Chair, Sense Datum, LLC

Matt Pekarek: Historian, Savvysherpa, Inc.


Ad 2 Board of Directors:

Ellen Collingwood: Women’s Leadership Panel

Olivia Peterson: Women’s Leadership Panel, Geometry Global

Ellie Moonen: 32 Under 32 Chair, SixSpeed

Emmanuelle Mehta: 32 Under 32 Chair, ICF Next

Kathryn Chlystek: 32 Under 32 Chair & Incoming Ad 2 VP, FRWD @ Bain & Company

Rachel Ball: Student Advertising Summit, Senior at the University of Minnesota

Brian Reid: Membership Chair, Carmichael Lynch

Emma Dahlgren: Creative Director, Hunt Adkins

Margarita Klikizos: MarCom Chair, True Media

Jake George: MarCom Chair

Brooke Troche: Program Chair, MONO

Christina Pearson: Program Chair, White & Rice

Alex Wohl: Program Chair, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Alyssa Gaio: Program Chair, Haberman