About Ad Fed

The Advertising Federation of Minnesota (Ad Fed) is a non-profit, professional trade association that has served the Minnesota advertising community including agencies, advertisers, suppliers, and students, for more than 110 years. Ad Fed is a part of The American Advertising Federation (AAF), the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association. Ad Fed members volunteer their time and talents to plan and execute events that are overseen by a board of directors. Ad Fed offers networking opportunities, seminars, speaker presentations and other fun and industry focused events. It celebrates the Twin Cities’ market strength and the global impact that our community makes through leading brands, creative advertising campaigns, and sound business practices.

About Ad 2

Ad 2 is an affiliate of the American Advertising Federation (Ad Fed), reflecting memberships made for ages 32 and under. Ad 2 represents the future of advertising through its ability to unite young, talented professionals as one group. Together, Ad 2 creates a means for up and coming professionals in the industry to gain the contacts, education and leadership opportunities they need to become tomorrowʼs industry leaders. Ad 2 focuses on meeting the needs of young professionals through educational and networking events, and public service opportunities.

A Rich History…

Advertising Federation of Minnesota (Ad Fed) is a non-profit, professional trade association that serves the Minnesota advertising community including agencies, advertisers, suppliers and students. Ad Fed is a part of The American Advertising Federation (AAF), the nation’s oldest national advertising trade association.

Ad Fed of Minnesota members volunteer their time and talents to plan and execute committee events that are overseen by a board of directors. Ad Fed offers networking opportunities, seminars, speaker presentations and other fun and industry focused events. Ad Fed celebrates the Twin Cities’ market strength and the global impact that our community makes through leading brands, creative advertising campaigns and sound business practices.


Mad Men and Women of Minneapolis
100+ true advertising pioneers, who put Minneapolis advertising on the map, gathered together for an evening of networking and story-swapping at Solera.


Ad Fed MN celebrates 100 years by acting like 23-year-olds. March 9, 2006 becomes AdFed of MN Day.

For more cool info check out AdFed100.org.


Periscope founded, with a unique service offering, an ‘interactive’ department specializing in this thing called the “internet.”


Fallon McElligott Rice is founded. Which apparently is some sort of a big deal.


The Twin Cities first ad law practice is formed. Steve Bergerson, the founder, is instantly overworked.


Pillsbury Doughboy is born, unwittingly misguiding people into thinking that poking an unprepared someone in the stomach would lead to anything other than immediate violence.


Sam Gale wins first Silver Medal Award for outstanding contributions and activity in advertising. Ad community feels a lot like how they did during the original Wheaties campaign. See 1933.


Ad Fed sponsors First Crippled Children’s Ad Club Party.
Right. On.


Hamms Bear is born. Hamms bear is awesome. Hamms beer? Let’s talk about the Hamms
Bear again.


Joins AFA. Now called the AAF. Ad Fed becomes one step closer to forming Ad Fed Voltron.


Sam Gale overcomes the adversity of having two female names to become chair of the ACA.


Colle McVoy formed. Campbell Mithun sends strongly worded letter to new agency, telling them to “…get your own initials.”


Wheaties becomes Breakfast of Champions. Ad creatives resign themselves to eating fruit.


First Ad Fed Minneapolis Show. No thanks to you, Prohibition.


Better Business Bureau formed, making lying a no longer accepted form of advertising.


Minneapolis Publicity Club (Ad Fed) founded, changing the Ad world forever.