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January 22

The Show 2019. about to get real.

featuring medal winners of Ad Fed MN’s The Show. Get your shit together & join the crṻe on March 8.

Get loud for Public Works, a small group of experienced doers with the driving belief that ideas move business. North Loop, Minneapolis.
Their set list: Advertising, Social Media, Marketing Strategy, and DigitalPublic Works awards
The Campaign’s Creds
Music Video – Gold
Social Media, Single Execution – Gold
Music With Lyrics – Gold
Derek Bitter, Partner/Creative Lead at Public WorksDerek Bitter
The client Post Cereals
Public Works handles several of their brands individually, but for this effort, they wanted to do something that encompassed all of the Post brands.

National Cereal Day is March 7th. The big cereal brands have mostly ignored the made-up Internet holiday. Aside from a few random social posts, most cereal brands haven’t capitalized on it as a prime chance to gain visibility. Public Works saw an opportunity to do something big.


The Post social brands are typically managed individually—each brand making their own post in their own brand voice. For Cereal Day, Public Works brought all the Post Consumer Brands into one central idea, creating #CereAll and a humorous rap video that combined the unique flavor names from both Post and Malt-O-Meal’s cereals. The video touted the entire collection and brought to life the creative combinations that cereal lovers put into their bowls every morning.


It came together quickly. Public Works presented the idea a few weeks out from March 7th and the client loved it but hadn’t planned for it. So, they had to scramble to make it happen. Casey Nelson, the copywriter went home one night and recorded the song. Brain Slater jumped in to direct the spot. It was kind of all hands on deck at the agency to bring it to life. Public Works partnered with some of their longtime partners, NoWare Media and Pixel Farm to pull it off.


Public Works took a roadblock strategy on social and used all of Post’s individual brand channels to promote the spot. They also invited people to share the video for a chance to win a year’s worth of their favorite cereal.

  • 2.9M+ Impressions
  • 595K+ Video Views
  • 3K+Shares

Post won National Cereal Day 2017. Across all brands, they received higher video views, engagements and impressions than General Mills and Kellogg’s combined on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The success can be attributed to the entertaining and engaging content and the roadblock strategy of sharing and promoting the content on all of the Post brand social mediums.

a content series featuring medal winners of Ad Fed MN’s The Show from Heibrid.

Get your shit together and join the crṻe on March 8 at Orchestra Hall. #metalNmedals