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January 22

The Show 2019. about to get real.

featuring medal winners of Ad Fed MN’s The Show. Get your shit together & join the crṻe on March 8.

Get loud for Periscope, a fierce creative & strategic arm of Quad/Graphics driven by a simple mission: do things people love.
Their set list: Periscope is a full-service agency, based in Minneapolis, with global offices in Hong Kong and Delhi. Periscope offers a full spectrum of marketing services to a wide range of acclaimed brands including Bridgestone, Target, Arctic Cat, UnitedHealth Group, Trolli, BASF and more.
The Campaign’s Creds
Best Of Public Service, Integrated Media Public Service Campaign – Gold, Poster Campaign – Bronze, Public Service Poster – Bronze, Public Service Online/Interactive Campaign – Bronze
On lead vocals Mark Hellevik, Creative Director, and Taylor Lovaas, Social Media Coordinator
The client Basilica Block Party

The Basilica Block Party is an annual music festival put on by The Catholic Church for a great cause—the restoration of the Basilica of St. Mary. Periscope needed to raise awareness and sell tickets to this two-night yearly music event—a staple event of summertime in the Twin Cities.

Strategy & Creation

The campaign used two separate, yet complementing, approaches.


Concept: Miraculous things happen when people get together / Take part in a miraculous celebration.

To spread the miraculous good news of this Catholic Church-sponsored rock-fest, Periscope covered the city with out-of-home advertisements in the style of old school church marquees. They also furthered the story of the miraculous by creating a series of miracles around the Twin Cities and spreading them as UGC on social media. Further still, Periscope created a three-part miniseries featuring local talent called Witness It. It revolved around Dr. Hal Forseth, a licensed Miracologist, who’d devoted his life to investigating the increased occurrence of miracles around town since the Basilica Block Party’s inception.

But to really turn up awareness, they needed more. And what gets more buzz than a billboard? A controversy.


So, Periscope created “Hell Hath No Fury”, a (fictional) punk band demanding a spot on the Block Party line up. To the public, they appeared to be a real band. But making them look real took casting a real band (made up of Periscopians), writing and recording original music, creating an authentic (backdated) online presence, recruiting fans/followers, wheat pasting gig posters all over town, vandalizing their own billboard, and finally, pulling off a stunt at the Basilica itself demanding a spot in their line-up.


Out-of-Home (Billboards, Bathroom ads) radio, and social media ran two weeks. The traditional campaign’s out-of-home ads was then vandalized by Hell Hath No Fury, plus wheat paste gig posters, an Instagram Zine, a presence and storyline on Facebook, and the Basilica bell tower stunt.


The campaign gained public & media interest, and they saw tremendous engagement and even an outrage response via social media.

“It was a ton of creative energy and effort, but it all paid off. Punking the public helped keep the Basilica intact for years to come.”Mark Hellevik, Creative Director

Full Band
Chief Creative Officer: Peter Nicholson
Creative Directors: Mark Hellevik, Brian Boord
Creatives: Tim Moran, Alec Lindsey, Patrick Weld, Brett Essman, Ani Djaferian, Amy Hardy, Grant Mortenson, Bert Lee, Jen Stocksmith, Jen Neis, Alec Lindsay, Laura Wright
Copywriters: Gary Stepniak, Josh Gloe, Scott Dahl, Matt Cermak, Michael Collins
Digital: Cassi Nix, Luke Richardville, Sebastian Frye
Account Executive: Micaela Kraus
Project Manager: Sarah Myers
Social Media Coordinators: Bridget Jewell, Taylor Lovaas
Strategist: Danielle Holman, Victor Kimble
Media Strategists: Kristin Mueller, Mikayla Dalton
Producers: Andrew Hatling, Alexandra Fults, Jonathan Bothun, Kelly Moss, Neal Reiter, Sara Lando
Radio Recordings for Witness It – Audio Ruckus

Taylor Lovaas, Social Media Coordinator, and Mark Hellevik, Creative Director

a content series featuring medal winners of Ad Fed MN’s The Show from Heibrid.

Get your shit together and join the crṻe on March 8 at Orchestra Hall. #metalNmedals