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January 22

The Show 2019. about to get real.

featuring medal winners of Ad Fed MN’s The Show. Get your shit together & join the crṻe on March 8.

Turn it up for Jenessa Vack, Creative/Art Director at Periscope & Former Brainco Student
Brainco is a school of advertising & design in Hopkins, MN. Students are taught by award-winning instructors from agencies & design firms such as Periscope, Little and Company, Martin Williams, IFC Olson, and Colle McVoy.
The Campaign’s Creds
Gold – Student Integrated Campaign
The client Don Julio Tequila

Jenessa, art director, and Scott Lantgen, copywriter, were given a parity product and needed to find a way to make it stand out. Extensive research was paramount to get to know the brand, Don Julio’s history, and their current advertising presentation & strategy.


They sought to find an idea that fit the prestigious brand’s reputation, attract new audiences while keeping its current audience’s expectations high, and stay away from creating “see and say” advertisements.

They concepted different ways to express top-shelf booze, without actually saying those words. They landed on “You know where to find us.”


Jenessa then visually concepted ways to display luxury and hint at “top shelf”, focusing on black and white images to maintain the classy look and high-end reputation of Don Julio. Objects required to “look up” were highlighted as the focal point. They concepted ads for a variety of mediums, finding that the subtle print spots and the large, bold outdoor executions particularly attention-grabbing.


With the tagline and visuals, they created an integrated campaign that allowed the audience to solve each ad on their own. It was a clever way to get the point across, deliver on the strategic objective, and actively involve the audience by inviting them into a “lightbulb” moment.


The Brainco students realized the simpler the idea, the better the campaign usually is because it is easily understood by the target audience and can be executed in a vast combination of mediums.

The Show has opened a lot of doors for me, and I highly recommend students to submit their work. There are plenty of opportunities that can arise from it and it is a great experience. Overall, The Show is an excellent way to network and get your hard work recognized.

Jenessa VackCreative/Art Director at Periscope & Former Brainco Student

a content series featuring medal winners of Ad Fed MN’s The Show from Heibrid.

Get your shit together and join the crṻe on March 8 at Orchestra Hall. #metalNmedals