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January 31

The Show 2019. about to get real.

featuring medal winners of Ad Fed MN’s The Show. Get your shit together & join the crṻe on March 8.

Get loud for Colle McVoy, a full-service creative agency that leads brands to their next.
Their set list: advertising, brand strategy, brand experience, data intelligence, design, digital, media, mobile, public relations, social and brand innovation through their in-house studio, Hatch.Colle McVoy Rooftop
The Campaign’s Creds
Best of B2B
Integrated Ad Campaign – Regional/National B-to-B – Gold
Augmented Reality – Bronze
Lee Hanson, Associate Creative Director
The client Onsior® (robenacoxib)a postoperative pain medication committed to helping veterinarians get patients home to recover as quickly as possible.

Because Onsior® is given to pets after surgery, more often than not, the pets are also wearing cone collars at the same time. However, pet owners often feel sorry for their pet and remove the collar too soon. Without the cone collar, their pet will often reinjure itself. Then, they have to return to the vet, and no one is happy. Onsior® wanted to let veterinarians know they understand what they’re up against, and they’re here to help.


Realizing cone compliance often creates a barrier to a smooth recovery process, Colle McVoy set out to turn the dreaded cone of shame into an uplifting brand experience by encouraging veterinarians and pet owners to look at surgical recovery in a new way. They convinced pet owners to Own the Cone and helped veterinarians create a moment of joy for their clients at a time when they may be feeling sad knowing their pet just went through surgery.

Lee Hanson, Associate Creative Director


The insight came when they noticed that even veterinary publications and websites almost never show dogs or cats wearing cones, and when they do, they look miserable. It was time to change the perception of dog cones, turning the Cone of Shame into the Cone of Fame.


The campaign launched with print, direct mail, and digital components. This included an augmented reality photo booth at the largest veterinarian trade show in the world allowing attendees to create, wear and share their own cones of fame. When vets began calling and requesting the cones from their marketing efforts, Colle McVoy created cone decorating kits for vets to give to their clients, generating more awareness for the ultimate goal of increased cone compliance.


The campaign increased brand loyalty for Onsior®, establishing the brand as the #1 preferred cat and dog post-operative pain medication on the market.

a content series featuring medal winners of Ad Fed MN’s The Show from Heibrid.

Get your shit together and join the crṻe on March 8 at Orchestra Hall. #metalNmedals