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January 10

The Show 2019. about to get real.

featuring medal winners of Ad Fed MN’s The Show. Get your shit together & join the crṻe on March 8.

Get loud for Agency Squid, a hybrid business consultancy/creative firm in Minneapolis.
Their set list: integrating traditional and digital strategies to build successful brands and businesses.
Agency Squid
The Campaign’s Creds
Silver – consumer website, Silver – social media, single execution, Bronze – social media campaign, Bronze – internet commercial, Bronze – internet commercial campaign
On lead vocals: Miles Marmo, Co-Founder and Digital Director of Agency Squid
The client Oskar Blues Brewery

Oskar Blues had received outside capital investment with the hopes to grow their brand in other industry-related categories, specifically spirits. When Agency Squid was brought in, they had an idea for a canned Moscow Mule with which to build a larger spirits brand around. Given they didn’t have distilling on-site yet, they thought this approach would be the best way for them to develop their spirits distribution with minimal investment up front. Agency Squid’s job was to bring the product to market after structuring the business and brand.


Agency Squid wanted to combine Oskar Blue’s irreverent, anti-corporate culture with an easily identifiable touchpoint for consumers and distributors/retailers. Given their naming conventions for other products, AS landed on “Spirits by Oskar Blue’s,” or “S.O.B.” for short. The brand platform enabled Oskar Blues to create canned cocktails with real spirits for launch and move into distilled spirits once distribution was built.

AS then looked at how to bring the Moscow Mule canned cocktail to market best, seeking to steal market share from competitors like Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Bud Light Lime-a-Rita. They then took the Oskar Blues and flavored malt beverage consumers to find out the persona similarities structure touchpoints from video creative, website, retail signage, and packaging. They then identified the white space in the market and put the S.O.B. brand twist to it.



AS needed to take the research and mix it with Oskar Blue’s existing internal culture. They knew they would respond the best to a campaign that gave the big guys “the middle finger,” and a platform to be completely different within the space. At the same time, the big guys all mainly used the same terminology (cold, hard, crisp, refreshing) to describe and entice consumers. They used that to their advantage by creating a concept that made fun of the flavored malt beverage marketing speak to convey authenticity to Oskar Blue.

The campaign purposefully created horrible marketing scripts for video ads that they forced 12 employees to read on camera. Those responses ended up structuring the copy and content of sales materials, retail signage, and social media content.

Paid social media 

Agency Squid took the video content and began running paid social media ads based on the consumer target. The ads would then retarget anyone who went to the S.O.B. website with messaging specifically around going to retail. They leveraged the distribution data for S.O.B. to create targeted retail ads with a stronger sales message to drive purchase intent.

Public Relations

With the help of Oskar Blues, they targeted trade publications to promote the new brand. Their internal sales team was able to get into new distribution channels and retailers who had become aware of the product support currently underway in Colorado.


They used a high-level brand awareness tracker to determine the “stickiness” of the video ads, understanding the number of times a viewer would have to see the spots to generate brand recall and how they were perceived. Once there was an understanding of the stickiness of the ads, they used that to inform the media targeting strategy, which pushed viewers from “product awareness” to “purchase intent.”

Once tracking was set up with our paid media, they tested exposed versus unexposed audiences where S.O.B. had retailer distribution and measured it against sell-through data to see if the ads were causing a lift in purchasing, which they did.

AS generated almost 90,000 minutes of videos viewed, had brand awareness up to over 20% in markets where S.O.B. was distributed and helped support a supply of 350 cases of week sell-through at retail locations.

a content series featuring medal winners of Ad Fed MN’s The Show from Heibrid.

Get your shit together and join the crṻe on March 8 at Orchestra Hall. #metalNmedals