Ad Fed Mentorship

The Ad Fed Mentorship Circle is a program designed to engage individuals with industry professionals by gathering them in a casual group setting. This event allows industry professionals to offer insight into their areas of expertise and share their journey along the way. These professionals are knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic and committed to supporting the professional development of mentees. We call it turning hindsight into foresight!

The Mentorship Circle events are held four times a year and offer networking, discussion and group mentorship based on areas of interest, including:
• Interactive (e.g., planning, social, user-experience, design, technology)
• Account planning
• Account services
• Creative (e.g., designers, copywriters, art directors, creative directors)
• Media
• Public relations
• Corporate marketing

Registration Closed
October8th5:30 pm2013


Students $15

Members FREE

Non-Members $25


The Republic Seven Corners
221 Cedar Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55454

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times a year to meet with industry leaders


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